Why Propane

Comfort and Versatility

Why do millions of homeowners choose propane? 

  • Propane heat is clean, efficient and reliable – all while providing exceptional warmth and comfort
  • Industry and National safety standards assert its safety in everyday use
  • Propane is a single-source energy supply for many applications:
    • Heats the home to a consistent warmth
    • Warms water quickly and efficiently
    • Dries laundry faster
    • Cooks food quickly to exact temperatures
    • Puts a cozy fire in the fireplace
    • Fuels the backyard grill
    • Heats the pool
    • Runs the backup generator
  • Propane will bring you the environmentally friendly advantages of gas wherever you need it


Propane heating equipment is designed to operate very efficiently, some as high as 96%, which means you get 96 cents worth of heat for every dollar you spend. When it comes to hot water heaters propane units recover two times faster than electric and can cost up to 30% less to operate. Plus, you can reheat one tank of water in just 20 minutes with propane compared to one hour with electricity. Compared to electricity, propane can provide significant cost savings!

Clean and Green

Propane is safe and nonpolluting, which is why the EPA considers it to be a “solution to pollution”. Propane minimizes harmful emissions by as much as half of those created by generating electricity using coal or fuel oil. Since propane is insoluble in water and nontoxic it presents minimal risk to soil and ground water supplies. For these reasons and more you can help preserve the environment for future generations by choosing propane as your energy source.