A Trusted Supplier

Penn Valley is the premier choice for propane gas supply systems to new homes in Southeastern Pa. We will complement your reputation as a quality and trusted builder by providing a safe, reliable, and economical propane supply system to all of your homes. It is our goal to establish a long-term, trusted relationship with every new homeowner.

Why Should You Choose Penn Valley?

  • The integrity of our work.
  • We have been in the propane business for over 60 years. Propane is our specialty, our expertise.
  • Personal attention to establish a long-term, trusted relationship that will complement your reputation.
  • Our safety and installation procedures go above and beyond the national and industry standards. Our propane supply systems are the highest quality.
  • No subcontractors. All excavation and installation is done by our own industry certified employees.
  • Quick response time to assist with your needs. One call and we’ll do it all!
  • Our wholesale and transportation division provides an essential level of flexibility in meeting seasonal energy demands as well as helping to maintain stable competitive pricing for our customers.
  • Bradford White and Rinnai authorized dealer.
  • Consistent, excellent customer service including homeowner follow up and personalized meetings both during and after the project.

Empower Your Staff

We welcome the opportunity to meet with your sales staff in order to explain the advantages of propane and Penn Valley. We also welcome calls from your new homeowners and would be happy to answer any propane questions they may have.

We Take Pride in the Details

Our careful attention to detail during installation provides for the safest and most reliable propane supply system for your homeowners. We developed a New Home Checklist that tracks with your project from start to finish for quick reference and documentation.

Your Safety is Our Business

Here are some helpful safety guidelines for you to keep in mind. If at any time you have questions or concerns, please give us a call. Please download and read the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for propane and make it available to employees who work with or around propane.

Builder Guidelines

Please communicate these important safety guidelines to those working with or around propane tanks or appliances:

  • After initial installation, call us to arrange a time for us to turn on and test the system.
  • Call us to locate underground gas lines before you dig.
  • Be familiar with the location of the shut-off valves for your gas appliances and propane tank system.
  • If you install a propane appliance call us to make sure that it is installed and converted correctly.
  • Always transport, store, and use propane cylinders in an upright position.
  • Do not store propane cylinders in a building, garage or other enclosed area.
  • Always keep the area around appliances clear of combustible materials.

Construction Tank Safety

Please review these important safety issues and the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for propane with all persons involved with propane construction tanks and heaters in order to ensure safety with your employees and at your construction site.

  • All propane tanks must be used and stored in the upright position. Tanks that are laid down or turned upside down will result in an unsafe situation by providing high gas pressure to the burner, which could lead to a liquid gas leak. Liquid propane expands 270 times its volume when exposed to air, and when propane vapor is exposed to a source of ignition, including the space heater being used, it could result in a fire or explosion. Make certain that all personnel handling or operating propane tanks and equipment are familiar with the smell of propane.
  • Tanks must be transported in an upright position. No more than five 100-pound tanks can be transported in a non-placarded vehicle. Transporting more than five 100-pound tanks requires vehicle placards and a driver with a hazardous materials endorsement on his or her driver’s license.
  • All construction tanks are labeled with safety instructions. Please read and follow all guidelines.
  • Tanks must be stored outside and in a central location for refilling.
  • Heaters must be stored inside to be protected from the weather and vandalism.
  • Download and review the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for propane

Excavation & Tank Placement

  • Please provide a plot plan that is clearly labeled with property lines and propane tank location.
  • Approximate size of hole for an underground 1000-gallon tank: 4′ wide x 18′ long x 5′ deep
  • Approximate size of hole for an underground 500-gallon tank: 4′ wide x 12′ long x 5′ deep
  • Propane tank must be a minimum of 10′ from the house, 10′ from the property line of an adjoining lot and 10’ from the end of the driveway.
  • Second stage regulator at plumber hookup on outside wall of house must be a minimum of 5′ from a source of ignition, such as an electrical disconnect, AC unit or mechanical air intake AND a minimum of 3′ from a basement opening, such as a window or door.
  • Propane tank must be able to be reached from driveway, road or other access point by a 100′ length of hose for refilling purposes.